UWSC Support - Personalize HRS Content and Layout


This procedure illustrates how one might manage their Pagelet content and layout on their home page within HRS

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Personalize Content

  1. In order to add, remove, or edit the content displayed on a page in HRS, click the 'Personalize: Content' link in the top right of the page.
    NOTE: Pagelet access is controlled by the roles assigned to an end user. Which pagelets the user sees will vary.

    9.2 Personalize Content and Layout Hyperlink

  2. Select the content you wish to have displayed. A wide variety of content is available such as public PS Query results, charts, predefined business processes, and the Workflow Exception Dashboard.

  3. Once you have selected all content that you want, click 'Save'

    9.2 Pop Up Box
    Save button

  4. Once saved, your content will appear in the left most column of the page. Often this will create a long page, which requires scrolling. You can adjust how this content is laid out by clicking the 'Personalize: Layout' link in the same top right area of the page where you found the 'Content' hyperlink.

    Personalize layout

Personalize Layout

  1. In the 'Layout' popup, you can choose a two or three column homepage (default is two), and how your content is arranged in these columns

  2. In order to move content, select one Pagelet from the listed items, and then use the directional arrow buttons on the right to decide which column the pagelet should appear, and in what order.
    1. Left and Right directional arrows move content between columns, Up and Down directional arrows move content up and down within that column
    2. TIP: Consider the size of the Pagelet versus the rest of the content in the column as the column width is set by the widest Pagelet
    3. Try to group Pagelets with similar width for best results

  3. Once you have chosen the layout, click 'Save'

    Layout Screen

  4. Once saved, your chosen layout will be applied.

    Main Screen Display

  5. You can repeat any of these steps as much as you want to best tailor your home page to your needs!


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