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A Benefit Confirmation Statements is a PDF document generated when an employee completes an Self Service enrollment for either Annual Benefits Enrollment or as a New Hire. The statements itemize the benefit enrollment choices of the employee, including which dependents are enrolled for each Benefit Plan. This document outlines when Confirmation Statements are created, and how to find the documents to review.


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General Overview

  1. Employee completes Self Service enrollment.

  2. Then a process is run to generate the statements for Self Service enrollments. Output is in PDF format.

  3. The PDF file that the process generates will be sent to Cypress and to the employee's Portal.

    • In Cypress, the file will be split by institution and by day. You will only be able to see the Confirmations Statements for your particular institution that were generated that day. 
    • Cypress Navigation: Prod > UWSC - HRS> BN Confirmation Statements
    • The file on the portal will only be visible to the individual employee
    • For Madison: New Hire and ABE Self Service Confirmation Statements are split down to the department level in Cypress.

  4. The employee will receive an email to his/her HRS primary email, notifying them that their confirmation statement can be viewed on the portal.

New Hire Confirmations Statements Specific Variances:

Annual Benefits Enrollments Specific Variances:

  • During the Annual Benefits enrollment period, the process is run every night (including Friday and Saturday).
  • Open enrollment has two types of email notices depending on the timing of the enrollment: 
    • During open enrollment
    • After enrollment and entry is over, to confirm no changes have been made. This is generated for all employees who were offered an Open Enrollment Event.
  • This statement does not include a column for Coverage Begin Date, as it is always Jan 1 of the upcoming year.

Sample ABE Self Service Confirmation Statement:

2019Confirmation Statement

Sample New Hire Self Service Confirmation Statement:

New Hire Confirmation Statement

Confirmation Statement Query:

EBen Pending Report


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