BN - Benefits Billing Setting Up Manual Charges


The procedure explains how to create manual charges for an employee in benefits billing. You will use the Manual Charge function in HRS when an invoice needs created immediately and you cannot wait for the monthly benefit billing statement process.


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1. Enroll the employee in benefits billing referring to KB BN - Benefits Billing Enrollment .

2. Review Current Benefits Summary screen to verify the employee's Benefit Program and which insurances the employee is enrolled in.  Navigate to: Benefits > Review Employee Benefits > Current Benefits Summary
Current Benefit Summary
3. Verify premiums by either using the Review Paycheck function or the Review Paycheck Query UW_BN_REVIEW_PAYCHECK_PUB in HRS.  You may also refer to the Benefits Premiums  table.
Note: If the employee is making changes to the insurance coverage levels you will need to adjust the premiums accordingly. Please keep in mind the annual premium changes January 1st, the ICI premium change February 1st (I.e. 1702 billing period) and SGL premium change April 1st (I.e. 1703 billing period).
4.Enter the manual charge after verifying the premium to be collected by navigating to: Benefits > Benefits Billing > Calculate and Review Charges > Enter Manual Charge.

5. You will need to fill in all the highlighted fields and click on the Save and Add Next button. You may create as many manual charge lines as necessary.
Note: The Date Due and Date Overdue automatically fill based on the Billing Period.  If the charge is being set up late, you will want to manual adjust the dates to the 10th & 11th of the month following.

Enter Manual Charges

6. Look over the Review Employee Balances screen to verify you set the charges up correctly before printing your invoice.

7. Navigate to: Benefits > Benefits Billing > Manage Acct Status and Balances > Review Employee Balances

8. Once your charges are accurate you may print and distribute the invoice. Refer to KB BN - Printing a Manual Benefits Billing Invoice


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