TL - Time and Absence MSS Dashboard


The Manager Self Service (MSS) Time and Absence Dashboard is a one stop shop for managers to review approve pending time and absence requests for their direct reports in an efficient and timely manner.

warning sign  If you click the timesheet link in any of the pagelets you will open the pagelet on a new browser tab, do not navigate to the dashboard from this tab, close the tab and continue working on the original dashboard tab. Having the Time and Absence MSS Dashboard open in multiple browser tabs could impact on performance or cause data inconsistency.

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All UW employees can access the MyUW System portal at using their UW institutional ID username and password.

UW-Madison employees can access the MyUW Madison portal at using their UW-Madison NetID username and password.

Click on the Time/Absence Dashboard icon on the Manager Self Service Tile

From within HRS the navigation path is: Manager Self Service > Time Management > Time and Absence MSS Dashboard

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria pagelet filters information appearing in each pagelet. Criteria in the selection criteria pagelet defaults from the Manager's TL Group ID(s).

warning If selection criteria is changed the Refresh button must be pushed to automatically apply the changes to be applied to pagelets.

Absence Request

Approve Request
  1. To approve absences, click the check box(es) next to the individuals and select approve.
    NOTE: If an employee has a warning icon in the alerts column, this indicates that the absence request exceeds the employee's available balance. This does not prevent the approval from processing. Managers should follow existing business practices when an absence request exceeds an employee's available balance.
    • To review additional information, including hours balance or to enter a comment, click on the individual's name.
    • To see additional information for all individuals, including hours balance and absence reason, click View Details.

  2. Once the request has been approved, the entry will be removed automatically from the list.

Push Back Request

  1. Click on the employee's name.

  2. Enter a comment with reason for push back.

  3. Click the Pushback button.

Payable Time Approvals

Approve/Deny Request
  1. To approve or deny payable time, click the check box(es) next to the individuals and click the appropriate button.

  2. Once the request has been approved or denied the request(s) will be removed from the list.

Pending Approvals Outside Criteria in the Selection Criteria Pagelet

A red warning icon will appear at the bottom of the pagelet, if you have pending time approvals that do not fall within the criteria in the selection criteria.
  1. Change the start/end date in selection criteria.

  2. Click the Refresh button.

Time & Labor Exceptions

Payable Time Summary

warningIf you have approved payable time or absences from the dashboard, click the Refresh button in the Selection Criteria Pagelet to have these changes appear in the Payable Time Summary.



Collapse Pagelet

  1. Click the sprocket in the upper right of the pagelet.

  2. Select Minimize.

  3. To return the minimized pagelet back, click the sprocket and select Expand.

Modify Layout

Customize Pagelet Grid


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