PY - Focus Pay Card


To provide detail to campus coordinators on what the pay card will look like in HRS and how they should update the direct deposit entries, if applicable.


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How do I know if an employee has a pay card?

You can verify the US Bank routing number is set up for the employee for direct deposit. There are two ways you can search for this: by direct deposit entry or by a specific payroll.

1. View current/active direct deposit information:

Path: Payroll for North America/Employee Pay Data USA/Request Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit

2. Review an individual paycheck to verify direct deposit information.

Path: Payroll for North America/Payroll Processing USA/Produce Payroll/Review Paycheck/Paycheck Deductions tab

Sample Check

What if an employee wants to remove this account from HRS as a direct deposit option?

What if an employee wants to keep this account as an option but also change the deposit type to a set dollar amount?


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