1. Running the Primary Job Audit Report in HRS
  2. Running the Position Exception or Override Report (SQR Report) in HRS
  3. HR Report List for HRS
  4. Corrections Job Aid for HRS
  5. Compensation Administrative Tool and Additional Adjustments Pages in CAT
  6. Running the Audit Log Report in CAT
  7. Absence Processing Overview for Bi-Weekly Employees in HRS
  8. Correcting and Updating FLSA Status in HRS
  9. Running the Position Empl Class Change Audit (Query Report) in HRS
  10. Running the Job Empl Class Change Audit (Query Report) in HRS
  11. Running the FA/AS/LI Hourly FLSA Exempt Audit Report in HRS
  12. Running the Funding Change Report in HRS
  13. Running the Direct Retro Funding Distribution Audit Report in HRS
  14. Processing the Limited Purpose Flex Spending Account No HDHP WED Report in HRS
  15. Processing the Savings Tax Class Audit WED Report in HRS
  16. Processing the HSA no HDHP Enrollment WED Report in HRS
  17. Security Role BN Campus Benefits Update for HRS
  18. Security Role BN Benefits View in HRS
  19. Running the Half Time Compliance Report in HRS
  20. Review of the Flex Spending Account/Limited Purpose Flex Spending Account New Hire Enrollment Process in HRS
  21. Requesting Adult Child Disability Approval
  22. Running the Audit Report in HRS
  23. Absence Management Checklist of Reports in HRS
  24. TL - Time and Labor Queries
  25. PY - Payroll Calculation and Confirmation Processes - On-Cycle
  26. PY - Review Payroll Error Messages Report
  27. UW Shared Services Glossary
  28. HR - WED - UW_HR_SOD Reports
  29. HR - WED - UW_HR_SOD_OVERDUE - SOD Overdue Reports and Oversight
  30. ACHReversalsandStopCheckPayments5_9_19_RJL.docx [Attachment file]
  31. Benefits_Reports_and_Queries_Job_Aid.pdf [Attachment file]
  32. Time_and_Labor_Query_Job_Aid.pdf [Attachment file]
  33. Payroll_Reports_and_Queries_Job_Aid.pdf [Attachment file]
  34. HR_Reports_and_Queries_Job_Aid.pdf [Attachment file]
  35. BenefitsBillingAdjustments.docx [Attachment file]