1. Overview of Enrollment Codes and Reasons Job Aid for HRS
  3. Maintaining Person Data - Biographical Details in HRS
  4. Add a Person Job Aid for HRS
  5. Processing the Age 26 Dependent COBRA Continuation Notification Process in HRS
  6. ETFHealthApplication2016.pdf [Attachment file]
  7. Searching for Existing Person in HRS
  8. Coding Insurance Applications for Entry in HRS
  9. SGHAppet2301_2017.pdf [Attachment file]
  10. Processing the Health Savings Account and Coordination of Benefits WED Report in HRS
  11. Processing the HSA no HDHP Enrollment WED Report in HRS
  12. Processing the HDHP and no HSA WED Enrollment Report in HRS
  13. Processing UW FSA and LPFSA Qualifying Events in HRS
  14. Adding or Removing a Dependent from Coverage using On-Demand in HRS
  15. Adding and Updating Dependents in HRS
  16. BN - Reprocessing the Open Enrollment (OE) Event
  17. BN - Annual Benefit Enrollment Period Using Self Service
  18. Modifying Person Data in HRS
  19. HR Report List for HRS
  20. Corrections Job Aid for HRS
  21. Adding or Maintaining a Person of Interest (POI) in HRS
  22. Adding a Person in HRS
  23. Public Service Loan Forgiveness Verification Process
  24. Processing the Limited Purpose Flex Spending Account No HDHP WED Report in HRS
  25. Processing the Enrolled in FSA Medical and HSA Report in HRS
  26. Viewing and Updating Dependent Information Using Self Service in HRS
  27. Entering Health Benefits Data in HRS
  28. Review of the Flex Spending Account/Limited Purpose Flex Spending Account New Hire Enrollment Process in HRS
  29. Frequently Asked Questions for Employees Using Self Service During the Annual Benefits Enrollment Period in HRS
  30. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the COBRA Continuation Notice Process
  31. Processing a Death Claim in HRS
  32. TAM - FAQ - Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM)
  33. UW Shared Services Glossary
  34. HR - Student Template Hire
  35. HR - Student Help - Add a Person
  36. Enrollment_Code_Reason_Job_Aid.pdf [Attachment file]
  37. ETFQualifyingLifeEventMatrix.pdf [Attachment file]
  38. i-9-paper-version.pdf [Attachment file]
  39. Running the UW Frozen Snapshot of Employee Data View in EPM
  40. Processing the HSA and Medicare Information WED Report in HRS
  41. UWMSN - JEMS CHRIS-HR - Hire a University Staff Temporary Employee (TE) Appointment
  42. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Hiring Appointments with a PVL or Waiver
  43. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Zero Dollar, Back-up Appointments or Lump Sum Payment
  44. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Teaching Asst. & Research Asst. Appointments
  45. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Appointment without PVL/Waiver