How to Conduct a Modification Response Review in ARROW

Instructions for IRB Members

As an IRB Member, you may be asked to review a study team's response to requested modifications.  The IRB Staff Reviewer will assign the study to you for review of modifications.  To complete your modification response review, follow these steps:

  1. Login to ARROW at
  2. Make sure you are in your IRB Member role.
  3. Click on your "Inbox: All" tab.
  4. Open the Modification Response you want to review by clicking on the study name.
  5. Once you are in the Submission Workspace, review the information in the History tab.  The IRB Staff Reviewer who assigned the modification response to you will include a comment about whether they feel the study team has adequately addressed the IRB's requests for modification and any specific modifications they would like you to review.
  6. From the Submission Workspace, click the "Reviewer Notes" tab to review the IRB's request to the study team and their responses.
  7. Once you are ready to comment on the review or indicate your approval, click on "Submit Modification Response Notes" under My Activities.
    1. In the new window that appears, fill out the activity form.
    2. Once you have completed the activity form, click "OK" in the bottom right corner to submit to the IRB.
  8. You have now completed your modification response review.  You can logout of ARROW, or click "My Home" (upper right corner) to return to your inbox.

Additional Tools

Notes on Reviewing a Modification Response

  • Help with navigating and using ARROW
  • Questions about a specific protocol