IRB Member Newsletter--Scheduling Special Edition

New Scheduling Processes

The HS-IRBs Office has begun working on the 2018 meeting and PRS schedule. To better serve IRB members and to accommodate their clinic schedules, we will be implementing several new processes this year:

2018 Timeline - January through June

We are anticipating that this round of IRB meeting scheduling will proceed as follows:

9/29/17 – Qualtrics survey sent out to all IRB members and assistants

10/20/17 – Deadline to respond to Qualtrics survey

10/30/17 – Based on their responses, IRB members will receive a schedule and Outlook invitations for January – June 2018

11/10/17 – IRB members will receive a PRS schedule

11/20/17 – Deadline to change/swap/adjust schedule

11/30/17 – Final schedules in Word/Excel sent out

Tips for Making This Process as Smooth as Possible

Scheduling Jargon