1. Who may serve as a principal investigator on a protocol?
  2. Does my research with coded information or specimens require IRB review?
  3. Do the Safer Badgers building access requirements apply to research participants?
  4. Remote Study Activities Guidance
  5. How do I obtain informed consent remotely?
  6. Do I need to get consent for my exempt study?
  7. What role can the IRB play for department chairs, center directors, and deans who are determining whether specific research studies can reopen face-to-face visits?
  8. What is required from an IRB standpoint before restarting face-to-face research activities?
  9. What are the first steps for study teams to get approval to restart face-to-face visits for an IRB-approved study?
  10. What if I’m planning a new research study that requires face-to-face human subjects research activities?
  11. Will remote study visits no longer be required after the campus begins allowing face-to-face visits to occur?
  12. Are protocol and consent form changes required by the IRB for all studies prior to restarting face-to-face interactions?
  13. What if my new COVID-19 study involves collecting and/or analyzing biospecimens?
  14. What if researchers have an Initial Review application for a non-COVID-19 study currently under review?
  15. Obtaining Informed Consent from COVID-19 Positive Patients
  16. Updating Name and Contact Information in ARROW
  17. Personnel Update FAQ
  18. Requirements for Registering with Clinicaltrials.gov
  19. I have samples/images/data that I want to use in a research study. When do I need IRB review?
  20. FAQs
  21. Health Sciences IRBs Certificate of Confidentiality Guidance
  22. Should my industry sponsored research study be submitted to a commercial IRB?
  23. What are Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and when do I need one?
  24. What elements should I consider in my risk and benefit analysis?
  25. How can I tell if my study is exempt, and what categories of exemption can I choose from?
  26. What are exemption renewals?
  27. How does the 5-year expiration date affect my exemption?
  28. Can changes of protocol be submitted for exemptions?
  29. What if my study team is not affiliated with a clinical department or unit but we need to recruit patients for our study?
  30. Implementing the Campus Revised Continuing Review Policy
  31. When does something qualify as a Health Care Records Review Only application?
  32. What is IRBManager and why would I need to use it?
  33. What is an NCI CIRB study?
  34. What things should I consider to protect subjects' privacy and confidentiality of data?
  35. Do I need anything more than IRB approval for my NIH-funded study that involves large-scale genomic data analyses?
  36. What documents related to IRB review should be maintained by the study team as part of the research record?
  37. I have a change of protocol and a continuing review coming up. Which should I submit first?
  38. WIC Transition to SMART IRB
  39. My study involves working with students, parents, or staff at K-12 schools. Are there any special requirements that I need to be aware of related to my IRB submission?
  40. What are the criteria to be engaged in human subjects research at UW-Madison?
  41. Who can I contact if I have concerns about human research protections at UW-Madison?
  42. How do you change the responsible principal investigator (PI)?
  43. Does research with existing datasets require IRB review?
  44. Does a pilot or feasibility study require IRB review and approval?
  45. I am a student researcher, what IRB approval do I need?
  46. Which State Law(s) should be considered for research?
  47. I received an Action Letter/CAEPR or a revised IDB from the Sponsor. Does this need to be reported to the IRB?
  48. What if samples/images/data are coming from an outside source?
  49. What if my research involves the use of fetal tissue?
  50. What should I consider before conducting research with vulnerable populations?
  51. How should investigators handle subject complaints?
  52. Does the IRB require submission and review of Manuals for Procedures
  53. What type of application do I need to submit to use samples/images/data for research purposes?