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Manifest - Using a Manifest Group to Invite People to Create Identities (NetIDs)

Manifest can be used to invite users to create their identities at UW-Madison if they are not already entered through other means (student system, HR system, etc). This includes the ability to invite users to create a NetID if they do not have one, which is done through Manifest Group invitations.

For more information on populations that are eligible for NetIDs, see Getting NetIDs for Affiliate Populations


  • Always encourage people to click "I have a NetID" if they believe they already have a NetID account through a previous affiliation with UW.
  • You must request permission and be approved before you can invite external users.
  • NetIDs that are believed to be compromised should be reported to cybersecurity and will be handled through the security incident management process.

Identities belong to people and those people have roles that grant them access to resources, usually based on data. Authentication with a NetID does not imply any particular relationship to the University of Wisconsin, and does not grant access to any proprietary University resources (for example, Network, VPN or Office365.) If you need your people to have access to resources other than those controlled by access control that you are responsible for, you will need to contact the owner of those resources to gain access.

You will need a group to request access to specific UW services. It can either be a New Group or an Existing Group:

Create a New Group

Use an Existing Group

Managing Users in Manifest

Invite members without a NetID to your group

Invite members without a NetID to your group

Once the group is approved, you will be able invite people without NetIDs to join the group using the email invitation system. 

Note: make sure to click the "request permission" button on the Manifest group overview page to request permission for external users in your group to create NetIDs:

manifest netid invite

Please see Manifest - Send Email Invitations for detailed instructions.

The recipient will receive an email with a link to create their new NetID as outlined in Manifest - Respond to Email Invitations for New NetIDs (Manifest, SpecPop) . For more information on when it is appropriate to use this functionality, refer to Getting NetIDs for Affiliate Populations.

Note: Groups that can add external people in this manner cannot also add groups as members.


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