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Account Self-Linking - Generate a Linking Key

This document describes how to use the Account Self-Linking Tool to generate a linking key and only pertains to employees with access to person data records (HR/payroll employees, Registrar's Office employees, etc).
To request access to the Account Self-Linking Tool, see Account Self-Linking - Requesting Access.

Video Presentation

This video presentation provides an overview of the Account Self-Linking tool, and explains how to generate a key.
Note:This video was prerecorded: WiscLine and chat are not currently available.

For step by step instructions, see How to Generate a Self-Link Key

How to Generate a Self-Link Key:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. You should see the Generate Account Self-Link Key screen within the Account Self-Linking tool.

    Account Self-linking Tool main screen

  3. You will need to enter in the HRS EmplID of the employee you would like to generate a Self-Link key for.

    Enter an HRS EmplID into the search box

  4. Click the Search button.

    Click the Search button to search for a user

  5. If no information is found for HRS EmplID, you will see an error message that states, "User Not Found." This will most often occur if there is a typo in the HRS EmplID or if the data has not been updated outside of HRS yet. If the record was entered into HRS the same day you are trying to generate a key for the user, it may take until after midnight for it to be fully processed.

    User Not Found error screen when searching for an HRS EmplID

  6. If data was found for the HRS EmplID, it will be displayed below. This information is made available so that you can confirm that this is the person you would like to generate a linking key for. It will display basic information like the person's "Start Date", "Job Title", "Department", and information about any "POI (Person of Interest)" records they may have.

    HR Data for the HRS EmplID that was searched for is displayed

  7. Once you have confirmed this is the person you wanted, click the Generate button.

    Click on the Generate button

  8. You will be given the option to Print the Self-Link information or Send an E-mail with the Self-Link information. 

    Click the Print button to print the self-linking key

    If you choose to Print, a printable page will be generated with the Self-Link information. If you would prefer to Send an E-mail, proceed to Step 8.

    Sample of the format when you print the information

  9. Choose the e-mail address you would like to use for the To: field. If you would like to send the information to another address, click the Radio Button next to the blank text box and type in the e-mail address. 

    Click on the populated address(es) or select to add a custom address

  10. Choose the e-mail address you would like to use for the CC: field. If you would like to change the e-mail address for the CC: field, choose the Radio Button next to the text box and type in the desired e-mail address.

    Click on the populated address(es) or select to add a custom address

  11. Click Send E-mail

    Click the Send button to send an email

  12. A sample version of the email that will be sent is displayed below the Print and Send Email buttons.

    Image of the text on the screen below the send button

  13. You should receive confirmation that the email has been sent to the "To:" email address that was selected in Step 9

    Confirmation message of the email being sent

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