Getting NetIDs for Affiliate Populations

This document outlines when Manifest should be used to invite an affiliate and when other means, such as requesting POI status from HR should be used.

Guest NetID Service

As of March 2021, the Guest NetID service has been decommissioned. For any temporary visitors requiring NetIDs, please use the manifest NetID invitation instructions and request services:  Manifest - Using a Manifest Group to Invite People to Create Identities (NetIDs)

For more information on VPN access, please see Guest NetID Service - Decommissioned

Table of Contents

When should you create a NetID for Affiliate Populations?

First, consider if the person belongs to a population that is already eligible and could be added via an existing business process. The following broad categories are eligible for a NetID:

What services is this NetID eligible for?

Consider using Wisconsin Federation (UW System) Login 

University of Wisconsin is part of international Federations that may provide the ability for people to use identities from their home institution to access your resources. We can connect with identities from any UW System Institution (Wisconsin Federation), UW Health, US Higher Education and Research (InCommon Federation), and worldwide (eduGAIN).

Federation is usually a better option (if possible) because:

Contact NetID Login support with a description of your situation for more information on Federation if you think this could be a good option for your application and users.

How to Create a NetID Using Manifest Invites

If the person falls outside of other existing populations, they can be invited in via a Manifest group. For more information on Manifest, see Manifest - Getting Started.  For instructions on how to invite users to create a NetID using Manifest, please see Manifest - Using a Manifest Group to Invite People to Create Identities (NetIDs). Please keep the following information in mind:

Identities created for people in Special Populations (Spec Pop) through an invite to a Manifest group are NetID eligible and can be added to groups and authorized for electronic services just as any other NetID can.

A NetID is a NetID is a NetID. There is no difference between a NetID issued through this process or any other process.

Never assume you know that someone doesn't have a NetID already: there are hundreds of thousands of people who have active affiliation with University of Wisconsin-Madison, and many more who are former students or employees. It is impossible to guess who does or does not have a NetID. Always encourage people to click "I have a NetID" and contact the Help Desk if they think they might have a NetID.

Conversely, if someone activates a NetID, they must identify that they have a NetID in the future, for example during activation or on an invite to a Manifest group. Failure to do so will create problems that have to be resolved manually and may result in lost data.

If you are inviting UW Health or UW Medical Foundation staff, beware that UW Health and UW Medical Foundation are already eligible for NetIDs and may already be active. The information in the warnings above is especially important.

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