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Adding Video to Comments in Canvas SpeedGrader

Directions for adding video to comments while using Canvas SpeedGrader.

Instructional Challenge

During instruction, students may feel as if they don't get enough face time with you as an instructor. One way to address these concerns is to provide audio or video feedback on student assignments in the Canvas SpeedGrader tool. Once you get used to this process, this process may be quicker than typing out text feedback. Using this approach, however, you should make sure there are no students in your course with accessibility needs that would make this approach a barrier.

Adding Video to Comments

When using the SpeedGrader in Canvas, you can record or link to a video that provides students feedback. Be aware that content recorded can’t be repurposed for another student. For feedback to multiple recipients, the Canvas Announcements tool is recommended.

  1. Select Grades from the course navigation.
  2. Select the options icon (three dots) next to the item in the grade book for which you want to provide feedback.
  3. Select SpeedGrader.
  4. Navigate to the student to which you wish to leave video feedback.
  5. You can leave text comments in the Assignment Comments box.
  6. To record a video or audio comment, select the Media icon. to the left of the Submit button
  7. Select the Record Media tab. (Firefox and Chrome browsers are required to record media).
  8. Select Mic to select your microphone source. Select Webcam to select your camera source. You should see your video preview. If you want to just record audio, select No Video from the menu. Speak a few lines to make sure the microphone is working. You should see audio levels displayed. When you are ready to record, select Start Recording. Click Finish to stop recording.
  9. Click Save to add the video to your SpeedGrader comment.
  10. Click Submit to send the feedback to the student.

Note: Recording using this tool will count toward your Canvas course quota (currently set to 2 GB). If you use this tool, be aware that video can take up significant space. Once created, these videos will also be copied when your course is reoffered — unless you delete them when the semester ends.

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