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Creating Instructor Response Videos

Creating instructor response videos to quickly respond to students

Instructional Challenge

In the article Assessing Teaching Presence in a Computer Conferencing Context, Anderson et al. define the role of instructors as consisting of three types:

  • designer of the educational experience, including planning and administering instruction as well as evaluating and certifying competence
  • facilitator and co-creator of a social environment conducive to active and successful learning and
  • subject matter expert who knows a great deal more than most learners and is thus in a position to scaffold learning experiences by providing direct instruction.

As you teach, there are methods and techniques you can use to build the online presence you need to facilitate the social environment that encourages student learning. This document focuses on creating instructor response videos to build on comments or questions during synchronous meetings.


Elements of Instructor Response Videos

An instructor response video is usually a reasonably informal communication. It is probably unscripted and may be recorded spontaneously or with little notice. Sometimes, these videos are sparked by a student's comment in a discussion post, from a series of questions you receive, or from a question during a synchronous discussion that was off-topic or required more time than you had to devote. You may scratch a note to follow up on this topic when possible. These are perfect opportunities to create a quick instructor response video. In most cases, it will take you less time and increase your social presence much more than a written announcement or discussion post.

Example: Instructional Response Video

Tools You Can Use

The recommended tool for creating these kinds of videos is Kaltura WebCam Recording. This can be found under Apps or More External Tools on the Canvas toolbar.

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Recording Toolbar

The Kaltura WebCam Recording tool records audio and video that can be embedded into your course content. These files are added to your Kaltura MediaSpace account and the tool provides additional controls for content playback, display, and captioning that are not available in the other tool.


Anderson, T., Rourke, L., Garrison, D. R., Archer, W. (2001). Assessing Teaching Presence in a Computer Conference Environment. Journal of asynchronous learning networks, 5(2), 1-17.

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