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Top Hat Question Examples

Examples of different Top Hat question types

Multiple choice

Lower order thinking example — Multiple choice

Which assessment finding is characteristic of a client with Parkinson's disease?
  1. Night blindness
  2. Pain in lower extremities
  3. Shuffling gait
  4. Incontinence

Higher order thinking example — Multiple choice

The nurse is making a home visit to a 75-year-old male client who has had Parkinson's disease for the past five years. Which finding has the greatest implications for this patient's care?
  1. The client's wife tells the nurse that the grandchildren have not been to visit for over a month.
  2. The nurse notes numerous rugs on the floor of the client's home.
  3. The client has a towel wrapped around his neck that the wife uses to wipe her husband's face.
  4. The client is sitting in an armchair, and the nurse notices that he is gripping the arms of the chair.

Word Question

What are good verbs for analyze-level unit objectives?

Target Answer

In which region would you get a porterhouse, strip steak, New York Strip, and T-bone?


Fill in the blank

Complete the following sentence using the present perfect continuous tense using the verb "to work."
I on this paper all night long.

Hint: The present perfect continuous refers to an unspecified time between 'before now' and 'now'.


Match the activity with the correct learner interaction.
Premise Response
1 Online discussion arrow A Learner/Content
2 Journal article arrow B Learner/Instructor
3 Quiz feedback arrow C Learner/Learner


Order these fractions in increasing order (from least to greatest)

ordering fractions
Item Option
A 4/8
B 3/4
C 1/4
D 1/8
E 8/8


Find the area of a circle with a radius of 4 inches. Hint: A=\pi r^{2}. Provide the answer to the second decimal point.
Use the following value for \pi = 3.141592

Discussion — Muddiest point

Title: Muddiest Point

Question: What concepts are you still unclear about after reviewing this case?

Discussion — Post-lecture Check-In

Title: Lecture Feedback

Question: What questions or comments do you have about today's lecture?

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