Activity Response - Rubric

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Rubric to assess activity response discussion activities.

Rubric Example: Activity Response

Quality of postThe concept was accurately defined and shows a strong understanding.The concept was adequately defined but either revealed some issues or was not adequate in the depth.The concept showed a significant misunderstanding or was cursory.The concept was insufficiently development; or no posting.
Quality of responseResponse to post either confirmed accuracy or corrected misperception successfully. Response built upon the initial concept in a meaningful way.Response missed the inaccurate content or built on the initial concept in a post in a superficial manner.Response provided some inaccurate information or built on content in a cursory manner.No effort to make connections; or no comment posted.
Relevance of postThe content represented a relevant concept from the online lecture.The content represented a minor concept represented in the online lecture.The content was not described in a manner that showed the ability to make connections to content represented in the lectureNo effort made to build connections or no posts.

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