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What is hybrid instruction

Getting started with hybrid instruction

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What is hybrid instruction

Hybrid Instruction
What is hybrid instruction

At UW–Madison, hybrid instruction involves in-person and online instructional meetings between instructors and students. The range of what is included is broad and flexible by design. A wide range of mixes of in-person/online meeting patterns is permitted for the hybrid mode of instruction. The hybrid mode of instruction is appropriate when there are more than occasional online meetings (i.e., at least 25% of meetings as a guideline). Otherwise, online course sections that meet only for in-person exams are not permitted and are not considered hybrid modes of instruction. Such course sections should add in-person instructional activities to fall within the hybrid mode of instruction or go entirely online. A hybrid course is intentionally designed to include a regular pattern of online and in-person meetings. More than twenty-five (25%) but no more than seventy-five percent (75%) of the section is delivered via distance learning technology. The section meets in person at least several times each semester. In-person instructional meetings must include more than meeting only for exams. Meeting in person only for exams, with all other instructional meetings online, is not permitted.

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