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Resources of online learning

About Online Courses

The Online Environment

For more information about the increase in the quality of online education and a table showing the benefits of online education for administrators, instructors, and students, visit the online environment resources.

Transitioning to the Online Environment:

For more information on creating an effective online learning experience, visit the Transitioning to the online environment resources.

Online Instructor Roles

To explore the four roles of an online instructor further, visit the Online instructor roles resources.

Designing Online Courses

Course Planning

For more information on planning a quality online course, visit the Course planning resources.

Learning Objectives & Alignment

For more information on writing measurable learning objectives, visit the Learning outcomes and alignment resources.

Assessment & Measurement

To explore assessment strategies and view examples of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments, visit the Assessment and measurement resources.

Instructional Materials

For more information about instructional materials commonly used in online courses, visit the Instructional materials for online courses resources.

Course Activities & Learner Interaction

For more information on the types of interaction and activity frameworks used in online courses, visit the Course activities and learner interactions  resources.

Teaching Online Courses

Supporting eLearners

For more information on how to support online learners and to review the seven principles of how students learn, visit the Supporting eLearners resources.

Communication & Participation

For more information on increasing participation, managing groups, and exploring the various types of communication in an online course, visit the Communication and participation resources.

Online Discussions

For useful tips and information on using different types of online discussions, visit the Online discussions resources.

Course Management Strategies

For more information on managing time and establishing student policies, visit the Online Course Management Strategies resources.

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