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Facilitating learning within large courses

Large Courses

In teaching large courses (over 150 students), instructors have different challenges and the need for different solutions to facilitate learning. This section will provide techniques and introduce tools that can be used in large courses to provide and solicit feedback/questions, communicate expectations, and provide students with active learning activities that facilitate deeper learning.

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1Active Learning in Large Courses1040332024-04-103638
2Support, Belonging, Motivation, and Engagement in the College Classroom1306902024-04-12687
3Using Rubrics To Communicate With Students1066952024-04-125356
4Minute Paper/Muddiest Point in Large Courses (online)1033682024-04-114128
5Defining Features Matrix in Large Courses (online)1035842024-04-113123
6Student-Defined Questions in Large Courses (online)1047962024-04-112381
7Pro and Con Grid in Large Courses (online)1037752024-04-113154
8Managing Large Course Sections in Canvas1036622024-04-112214
9Managing Student Questions with Piazza — Description1053762024-04-112902
10Managing Student Questions with Piazza — Example Microbiology1053742024-04-112582
11Quick Tips: Pedagogical Uses of Top Hat1049282024-04-103230
12Background Knowledge Probe in Large Courses (online)1035992024-04-103109
13An Inventory of Supportive Instructor Practices1306932024-04-10544
14Measurement of Student Experiences for Supportive Classroom Environment1306952024-04-10445
15Observation Protocol for Supportive Classroom Environment1307012024-04-10552
16Using the Top Hat Attendance Feature in a Large Course1282792024-04-051581
17Communicating with Sections and Individuals in Large Courses1036592024-04-052253
18Belonging in the Classroom1318302024-04-03483

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