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Approaches for improving student engagement in your course.

Student Engagement

During the Fall 2021 semester, students were surveyed about their learning experiences related to instruction. Among the results was a desire for more significant engagement with the course content, with their instructors, and among students.

Student Engagement Subtopics

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1Creating Student Feedback Videos1070252024-04-182405
2Using Online Breakout Groups To Increase Student Engagement1079012024-04-184072
3Steps for Building an Online Asynchronous Discussion1041662024-04-164250
4Using Polling in Zoom1036152024-04-164839
5Developing critical thinking skills for students1198632024-04-232704
6Using NameCoach in the Classroom1164722024-04-182567
7Using Online Discussions to Increase Student Engagement1040342024-04-185626
8Creating Course/Unit Introduction Videos1069992024-04-172986
9Using Top Hat Discussion Questions in Classrooms1042152024-04-164078
10First Week of Class Interview Activity1336722024-04-16492
11Using Top Hat for Polling Students in Zoom1040772024-04-164649
12Top Hat Question Examples1207712024-04-161647
13Using Top Hat to Present Questions to Students in the Classroom1042462024-04-163234
14Using Top Hat to Report Results from Group Activities1198462024-04-161757
15Creating a Classroom Backchannel for Student Questions Using Top Hat1048062024-04-163766
16Managing Student Questions with Piazza — Description1143282024-04-161501
17Quick Tips: Pedagogical Uses of Top Hat1049282024-04-163293
18Building Self-Efficacy in Students1165452024-04-1531045
19Student Engagement1074482023-12-271516

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