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Techniques for facilitating online discussions that support the new content.

Initial Content Engagement

This type of discussion forum invites students to think about what they already might know about a new idea, concept, problem, or closely related concept. The purpose of this discussion activity is twofold — for students to become aware of what they already know and encourage their curiosity about the new knowledge, and for instructors to develop insight into students’ existing understanding. This discussion activity is similar to a “Think-Pair-Share” classroom activity in which students share what they think, where, when, or how they might have heard about a concept, person, idea, or related event. Evaluation of these initial discussions is generally informal, according to a rubric emphasizing participation and contributions and occasionally focusing on insights and relationships. This discussion activity often launches a new topic, module, or project before embarking on readings and other content engagement activities (Boettcher, 2019).

Boettcher, Judith. 2019. Four Types of Discussion Forums in Online Courses.

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