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Support resources that leverage Canvas tools in instruction.

Technical Docs

The documents listed below leverage Canvas in specific ways supporting classroom or online teaching efforts. They are not meant to provide general or exhaustive documentation on the tools and applications leveraged during instruction. Campus service providers of these applications continue to manage and maintain general support documentation.

For general Canvas support docs, go to the Learn@UW KB site.

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1One-Sentence Summary1282682023-12-27908
2Using Canvas Quizzes to Create an Anonymous Survey1038822023-12-2710307
3Student-Defined Questions in Large Courses (online)1047962023-12-272261
4Supported Technologies1041792023-12-273001
5Support Resources for Canvas Instruction1036122023-12-271472
6Defining Features Matrix in Large Courses (online)1035842023-12-212812
7Online Peer Editing1079542023-12-213214
8Minute Paper/Muddiest Point in Large Courses (online)1033682023-12-213746
9Creating Instructor Response Videos1069852023-12-212809
10Recording Course Video in Zoom1068512023-12-182850
11Engaging and Measuring Student Knowledge With Video Content1042412023-12-182538
12Adding Video to Canvas Discussions Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (iOS)1068742023-12-181886
13Pro and Con Grid in Large Courses (online)1037752023-12-013025
14Adding Video To Canvas Announcements Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (iOS)1068572023-12-012674
15Adding Video to Kaltura Gallery Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (Android)1069762023-12-012179
16Gathering Feedback from Students1037622023-12-014286
17Keeping Students Informed & Engaged1037572023-12-012911
18Adding Video to Comments in Canvas SpeedGrader1068782023-12-012200
19Group Curation Activity in Canvas1062732023-12-012202
20Managing Groups in Canvas for Large Courses1036602023-12-012227
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