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Resources from events hosted by the Center for Teaching, Learning & Mentoring.

Event Resources

The following CTLM programs have created documents that support the events the hosted.

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1**** Teaching at SoN1193082023-03-23697
2**** Enhancing Online Education1206372022-11-14790
3Fostering Community1218042023-05-30915
4How can I jump-start community building in my online course?1218062023-05-30508
5Why is community important in an online course?1218052023-05-30500
6What strategies can enhance community in my online course?1218072023-05-30545
7Teaching at SoN: Fostering student well-being1195702023-04-20553
8Teaching at SoN: Using Top Hat to foster reflection and measure understanding1232912023-04-20351
9Teaching at UW: Promote student success through transparent communication1193562023-04-20581
10Teaching at UW: Promote student achievement through responsive instruction and assessment1193532023-04-20565
11Teaching at UW: Build equitable and inclusive learning environments1193992023-04-20583
12Teaching at UW: Sequence learning pathways to promote student motivation and success1193542023-04-20599
13Teaching at UW1193092023-04-20620
14Cultivating Inclusivity1223262023-04-13862
15Know Yourself1224212023-04-13533
16Student Office Hours1232092023-03-13271
17Participation Strategies1231512023-01-18387
18Resources to share with students1231522023-01-18402
19Support student's time management1231532023-01-18362
20Managing Online Courses: Strategies to Support Students1224662023-01-18451

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