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About online courses
Designing online courses
Teaching online courses

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Online Instruction

New to the online environment? Or are you looking for new strategies?

Whatever your current role, these pages provide helpful information and resources. This content is organized in a way that guides you through common questions about transitioning to the online environment and then provides practical strategies and resources for designing and teaching online or partially online courses.

To teach is to engage students in learning.”
Quote Reference: Christensen, C. R. (1991). Education for judgment: The artistry of discussion leadership. Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA 02163.

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1About online courses1212572023-12-272019
2Designing online courses1130542023-12-275265
3Online Instruction1212822023-12-2770378
4Enhancing Online Education1206372023-12-272033
5Teaching online courses1212832023-12-272602
6Course planning1212732024-02-214445
7Canvas Templates1211922024-02-122558
8Why is community important in an online course?1218052023-12-271313
9Online discussions1212902023-12-272994
10Assessment and measurement1212782023-12-274999
11Instructional materials for online courses1212792023-12-27124540
12How can I jump-start community building in my online course?1218062023-12-271208
13Supporting eLearners1212872023-12-271991
14Online Instruction Resources1213302023-12-27858
15What strategies can enhance community in my online course?1218072023-12-271049
16Communication and participation1212892023-12-273424
17Fostering Community1218042023-12-271730
18Cultivating Inclusivity1223262023-12-271977
19Transitioning to the online environment1212672023-12-272098
20Online instructor roles1212642023-12-273269
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