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Assessment & Feedback :: Assessment & Feedback

Developing student assessments and providing feedback on student learning

Assessments and Feedback

An assessment is an activity, exam or assignment designed to measure student learning. Well-designed assessments align with the learning outcomes and activities of the course. In order to perform well, students need to understand how they will be evaluated. By explaining how they will be graded and receive feedback, you can help students understand how they can learn from and build on each assessment.

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1The method (and madness) of evaluating online discussions1210622022-10-28324
2Assessing online collaborative learning: process and product1210872022-10-28353
3Nursing students' experiences with the use of authentic rubric and case approach in the clinical laboratories1210712022-10-28373
4A case study for using electronic self-assessment rubrics in an core curriculum writing course1210852022-10-28381
5Aligning assessments with learning outcomes1238712023-02-07402
6Gathering peer feedback1211992022-10-28417
7Collecting evidence of course success1211982023-01-25443
8Top Hat Question Examples1207712022-10-28584
9Developing critical thinking skills for students1198632022-10-28750
10Addressing Disruptive Team Behavior1143522022-10-281006
11Group Effort Analysis Rubric1142012022-10-281156
12Group Work Rubric1141972022-10-281558
13Managing Student Questions with Piazza — Example Microbiology1053742022-10-281737
14Managing Student Questions with Piazza — Description1053762022-10-281846
15Assessing Group Work1045862022-10-281852
16Engaging and Measuring Student Knowledge With Video Content1042412023-02-011970
17Online Peer Editing1079542023-01-182142
18Using Top Hat for Polling Students in Zoom1040772023-01-232403
19Using Rubrics To Communicate With Students1066952023-02-012464
20Peer Review Rubric1141992022-10-286351

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