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Active Learning :: Active Learning

Resources the facilitate the use of active learning in both classroom and online environments

Active Learning

Active learning generally refers to any instructional method that engages students in the learning process beyond listening and passive note-taking. Active learning approaches promote skill development and higher-order thinking through activities that might include reading, writing, and/or discussion. Metacognition — thinking about one’s thinking — can also be an important element, helping students connect course activities to their learning (Brame, 2016).

These resources are meant to aid in the identification, practice, and implementation of research-based active learning approaches. They can be used in both online and face-to-face learning environments. This guide should help you to create and recognize opportunities to integrate active learning activities that facilitate desired student learning outcomes into your course in both planned and dynamic ways.

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1Round Robin (classroom)1041532022-10-2810480
2Three-Step Interview (classroom)1041552022-10-288604
3Talking Chips (classroom)1041542022-10-286979
4Buzz Groups (classroom)1041512022-10-286440
5Analytic Memo (classroom)1041052022-10-285141
6Fishbowl Discussion (online)1079822022-10-285044
7Memory Matrix (classroom)1041722023-01-184492
8Background Knowledge Probe (classroom)1041692022-10-284389
9Using Online Asynchronous Discussions to Increase Student Engagement & Active Learning1040342023-03-214277
10Think/Pair/Share (classroom)1038702022-10-283974
11Defining Features Matrix (classroom)1041132022-10-283943
12Pro and Con Grid (classroom)1040892022-10-283824
13Structured Problem-Solving (classroom)1041462022-10-283803
14Fishbowl Discussion (classroom)1040852022-10-283778
15Send-a-Problem (classroom)1041452022-10-283664
16**** Active Learning in Online Courses1044042023-03-233593
17Focused Listing (classroom)1041712022-10-283581
18Empty Outlines (classroom)1041702022-10-283562
19**** Engaging Students in a Traditional Classroom1041182023-03-233560
20Categorizing Grid (classroom)1041072022-10-283531

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