Trip Planning Q & A

Information here is to give you a better idea of what is available to you, expected of you, and required by policy for your upcoming travel.

Information here is to give you a better idea of what is available to you, expected of you, and required by policy for your upcoming travel.

What is needed to have a successful trip?

First and Foremost: Knowing your UW policies and how they pertain to YOU:

It is the responsibility of the traveler to understand and comply with UW Travel policies! Please acquaint yourself. (Click on the link and scroll to “201 Travel”)

The UW-Madison's Travel Center provides answers to a few of the main subjects when it comes to travel, and the following provides a revised version of some of that information:

Do I Need Pre-Trip Approval?

Pre-approval applies to out of state travel which involves the use of State GPR (accounts using 101, 104, or 402) funds. If your travel funding falls under these two categories, the Out of State Travel Approval Form must be completed and submitted for division approval. See form here: OutofStateTravelApprovalForm.docx

How Do I Pay for My Trip?

UW Madison issued Purchasing Card, My Corporate Card, Personal Funds (personal credit cards, checks, cash, etc.) and Cash Advance. 

How Will I Get to My Destination?

Air Travel

All airline reservations initiated by University employees – for either employee or non-employee travel – must be made with Fox World Travel or via the Concur self-booking tool. Visit UW TravelWIse for access to the contract vendor/booking tool and other University travel related information. (For details see Policy 201.A - Air Travel)

Ground Transportation

Personal vehicle versus a fleet vehicle? This decision is ultimately yours, but the suggestion is to use a personal vehicle for shorter trips-under 300 round trip miles (see Policy 201.B – Privately Owned Vehicle Expenses ) and UW Fleet vehicles for any trips that exceed 300 round trip miles. For a roundtrip exceeding 300 miles when a Fleet vehicle is available, your mileage reimbursement will be at a reduced rate. To receive reimbursement for personal vehicle miles, you must be an authorized driver with UW's Risk Management. Only non-employees are exempt from this requirement. Fleet vehicles can be reserved and internally billed to your department via Physical Plant Car Fleet.

Renting a vehicle.

For details see Policy 201.D - Vehicle Rental and Gas) Use of the Big Ten contract with Enterprise or National is required for UW employees, graduate students, guests and consultants over 21 years of age traveling on University paid business.  The State of Wisconsin/WSCA contract with Enterprise, National and Hertz must be used by those who are unable to obtain a vehicle under the Big 10 contract.  Reservations can be made through Concur UW TravelWIse or Fox World Travel call
Toll-Free: 866-230-8787 or 920-230-6467 or Contract Car Rental Agencies
UW Travel Wise .

Do I need an Exemption for Disability-Related Travel?

For exemptions that are disability related for travel, please see the Office for Equity and Diversity's website.

How much am I allowed to spend on lodging?

To find out about lodging maximums use the UWTravelWIse Calculator. (For details see Policy 201.H - Lodging)

Note: If traveling within State of Wisconsin you are exempt from the payment of state and local taxes on lodging. Just provide vendors with the tax exempt wallet card. For travel within US outside of Wisconsin please see UW TravelWIse to see if the University has a tax exemption agreement with the state you are traveling to.

What are my travel per diems?

There is a tool to use prior to your travel so you can see what your maximum lodging and meal per diems are. Use the UW Travelwise Per Diem Calculator

How should I reserve a room?

Reservations must be made directly with the lodging facility or via the University’s contracted travel agency, Fox World Travel (either directly with an agent or via CONCUR the online booking tool at

Traveling to a Foreign Country?

For information specific to international travel, please see Policy 201.J International Travel and the UW – Madison International Travel Safety and Security website.

Do I Need to Keep Receipts?

For the most part it would be safest, regarding reimbursement, if you did retain all receipts. Those that are not needed can be disposed of during the reimbursement documentation period. In general though, you need to make sure everything is documented clearly, detailed and itemized, and if not in English a translation must accompany the receipt. For more see see Policy 201.L – Receipt Requirements.


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