Interactive Reporting - Downloading and Installing Web Client Browser Plug-in

The Interactive Reporting web client browser plug-in provides advanced query writing functionality similar to the locally-installed Interactive Reporting Studio client.

Note: Interactive Reporting, including both the IR Workspace (web) and the Studio Desktop client, will be decommissioned on March 1st, 2019. Neither the web nor the desktop software will be available or supported after this date.

UW-Madison affiliates can find more information on alternative tools on the Office of Data Management and Analytics Services website.

Other UW System affiliates can find additional information, as well as a list of support contacts, on the UWBI Support website.

Do I Need the Browser Plug-in?

People may not need to install this plug-in.  Interactive Reporting provides querying functionality without a browser plug-in. This basic HTML client is suitable for most users' querying needs. If you want to save your queries and re-run them you will need the plug-in.  To determine if you need the browser plug-in, see Interactive Reporting - Overview of Clients

System and Browser Requirements

Verify your machine and browser meet the requirements listed here: Interactive Reporting - System and Browser Requirements

Update Windows

Ensure latest 'Important' operating system updates and security patches are installed.

      1.  Launch Windows Update (from Start menu or control panel).
      2.  Click om 'Check for updates' in the left-side column.  This may run for a while.
      3.  Go to the 'Important Updates' tab; Select ALL items to be installed.  Click 'OK'.
      4.  Windows Update will download and install the 'Important' updates.
      5.  Wait for Windows Update to finish the installation.  If advised tp reboot, do so immediately.

Open IE from Application for Installation

  1. Close Internet Explorer if it is open.
  2. Go to 'All Programs' on your start menu and find the Internet Explorer application.
  3. Right click on it and select 'Run as Administrator'.
  4. If you have a short-cut for Internet Explorer on your desk-top or task bar remove it and create a new one after the installation.
  5. Once IE is open follow the instructions in the section below named Installation.
**If your operating system is WIN 7 and you are re-installing the IR plug-in because you were having problems you should first go to your Control Panel-->Programs-->Programs and Features and remove the Hyperion Interactive Reporting Web Client.


Note: These instructions assume you are using Internet Explorer, which is the recommended browser. Firefox 2.x is also supported, but due to the obsolescence of Firefox 2.x and known incompatibility with later versions, documentation is excluded for the browser.

  1. Verify the Workspace domain is a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer. Interactive Reporting - Adding Workspace to Trusted Sites

  2. Log into the Workspace. See: Interactive Reporting - Logging into Workspace

  3. In the Tools menu, highlight Install >, then click Interactive Reporting Web Client.

  4. A window will appear with the message Checking Hyperion Interactive Reporting Web Client status.... Wait a few moments for the installation process to initialize. You may see the message Starting InstallShield Wizard....

    If you receive a notification that says Unable to launch installer, check if the Internet Explorer information bar is prompting you to install an ActiveX control or add-on and follow the directions to do so. Also, verify that is a trusted site, and that you are logged into the computer with administrator privileges. Interactive Reporting - Adding Workspace to Trusted Sites

    If the window contains the message Zero Administration Installation finish..., then you already have the client installed. You can safely close the window and ignore the rest of these instructions.

  5. You will be prompted to select additional components to install. To significantly reduce installation time, you should uncheck Help Files, Font Files, and Widgets. Click Next > to continue.  If you do not uncheck these boxes expect the installation to take approximately 40 minutes longer.


  6. The web plug-in will now be installed, which will take a few minutes.

  7. When the installation is finished, you will get the message Hyperion Interactive Reporting Web Client has been successfully installed! Click OK.

  8. A window will remain with the message Zero Administration Installation finish.... You can safely close this window.

Check you IE browser version. If you are using IE 10 you will also need to make it compatible with Interactive Reporting. This can be done by following the directions in Troubleshooting Common Issues with Interactive Reporting and IE .

Interactive Reporting workspace

If you have any questions please call the DoIT Help Desk at (608) 264-4357 and select option 2.

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