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UW-Madison - IT - Computer Logging Statement

The Computer Logging Statement applies to computer systems and network equipment operated by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT)

Many of the computer systems and network equipment operated by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) maintain logs that provide information about the use of those systems. These logs are kept for varying lengths of time*. The logs generally contain identification and summary information (source and destination IP numbers, Web URLs, email addresses, telephone numbers, traffic or use amounts, service type, time stamps, etc.) about use rather than the contents of files or communications.

DoIT staff use log data for the purposes of finding hardware and software errors, tracking resource utilization, capacity planning and security, including the investigation of inappropriate use of University resources.

The Office of Cybersecurity will access these logs only upon the receipt of an official complaint of inappropriate use as defined by the UW System Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy (Acceptable Use Policy).

Requests for usage log information will be released to other parties by the Office of Cybersecurity only if the request meets the requirements of an existing state statute, federal law, or University of Wisconsin policy (see examples below), as interpreted by UW-Madison Legal Services. Any questions arising from the application of these statutes and policies by the Office of Cybersecurity will be directed to UW-Madison Legal Services.

  1. Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA).
    FERPA is a federal law establishing legal protection for the confidentiality of student information.
  2. Access to Faculty and Staff Electronic Files Policy.
    This policy clarifies the privacy and confidentiality of UW-Madison faculty and staff electronic data as well as the procedures for the University to follow in providing access to this information.
  3. Wisconsin Open Records law.
    Wisconsin law providing definitions and procedures for accessing Public Records.
  4. Subpoena
    Information consistent with the received subpoena request can be released when a valid subpoena is received by UW-Madison Legal Services.

A person who wishes to seek access to log data based on the above statutes, laws or policies may request the Office of Cybersecurity to preserve data beyond its normal retention period*.


Please address questions or comments to

UW-Madison Legal Services can be reached at (608-263-7400).


IT Policy Glossary:

* In order to learn the retention time for specific DoIT services, please contact the DoIT Help Desk at 608-264-HELP. In turn, the DoIT Help Desk will pass on your query to the appropriate DoIT Staff.

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