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Review and Revision History
Date Activity
June 19, 2024 Modified. Rewrite of of UW-510 IT Policy package, at request of PAT. Appendices eliminated. IT Policy Procedure added. Approved by PAT, ITC, CIO.
Dec 20, 2019 Revised. Converted to policy template. Appendices moved to a separate document. Added several appendices, including details of the transition from development to compliance, (in steps 4 thru 8 of the policy process,) and the different cases in review and revision, (step 9 of the policy process.) Approved by the ITC.
Mar 15, 2019 Revised. Added compliance strategy. Many minor and maintenance revisions to clarify practices based on a year of experience working with IT Governance and the ITC. Approved by the Information Technology Committee.
Aug 16, 2018 Revised. Major changes due to creation of IT Governance and re-chartering of the Policy Planning and Analysis Team to become a subcommittee of the ITC. Added definitions and a policy statement. (This document functions as the policy on IT policy development and must be approved by the ITC.) Substantially re-organized the roles. Expanded the description of provisional policies due to increased need to meet externally mandated deadlines while remaining true to the collaborative approach to policy development. No substantive changes to the principles or process.
May 08, 2017 Revised. Inserted a new step 7. Deploy, to place more emphasis on practical implementation. Step 8. Comply was formerly Step 7. Communicate. Now a nine-step process. Reorganized the principles and distinguished the four “cardinal principles”.
Mar 18, 2016 Revised. Updated the terminology and improved readability. No substantive changes in the principles, procedures, or process.
Jan 14, 2015 Revised. Major revision to adapted the Cornell policy process for use at UW-Madison. This was a substantive change to better engage University leaders when proposing and approving policy.
Jan, 2014 Reviewed. OK. Maintenance only. Clarified some practices and language based on experience. No substantive changes.
Apr, 2012 Reviewed. OK. Maintenance only. Clarified some practices and language based on experience. No substantive changes.
Mar 03, 2011 Revised. Renumbered the steps so that "Plan" is step 1 instead of step 0. No substantive changes.
May, 2019 Reviewed. OK. Maintenance only. Clarify some language. No substantive changes.
Feb 03, 2009 Effective.

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