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UW-Madison - IT - Email Servers Policy

The Email Servers Policy applies to any UW-Madison unit or individual that connects an email server to the UW-Madison network.


Email servers connected to the University of Wisconsin-Madison network by any means must:

  • run up to date anti-virus package that scans and cleans all inbound and outbound email messages and attachments.
  • not be an "open relay". SMTP authentication is strongly recommended.
  • use encryption for all username/password exchanges.
  • be supported by a vendor or development community.
  • be patched and up to date, in compliance with the campus policy for Devices Connected to the Network.


Email has become a key communication tool used by University faculty, staff and students to carry out academic, research and administrative functions. It is important to ensure the security of campus email servers to promote the effective use of email on campus. These measures include preventing the spread of viruses through email, reducing spam traffic through open relay servers and promoting secure access to email data.


Issued by the UW-Madison Vice Provost for Information Technology.


The University reserves the right to suspend access to preserve the integrity of the network.


Please address questions or comments to


Electronic Devices Connected to the Network Policy:
IT Policy Glossary:
Effective:   Oct, 2004
Revised:    Oct, 2004 RevA
Reviewed:  Jan, 2019
Review in: Two years
Maintained by: Office of the CIO, IT Policy

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