KB Users Guide - General Info - New KnowledgeBase (KB) Site Creation Questionnaire

University of Wisconsin - Madison faculty and staff may request a KB site of their own. For an idea of the overall look and feel of a KB site, please see our UW Demo Site. We have a four questions that we'd like UW site owners to answer.

Please copy the questions below along with your answers into an email to kb-team@lists.wisc.edu. You will receive a response in 1-2 business days.
  1. Your KB Content
  2. Please describe your target audience(s) and manner in which you intend to utilize/populate your KB. For example:

    1. short term project documentation
    2. procedural documentation
    3. modify documentation currently on website
    4. modify documentation currently on Microsoft Word
    5. create an intranet-style site (e.g.documentation for internal use only entered in a proceduralized manner)
    6. create a wiki-style site (e.g. documentation for internal /or external use entered and modified by many authors)

    This information will help us design a comprehensive KB training to suit your specific needs.

  3. Your KB Site Name

    1. What would you like to name your KB site? (example: UW Bucky Reference )
    2. If one is available, is there a shortened version of this name? (example: UW Bucky Ref )
    3. What would you like for your preferred directory path name?(example: https://kb.wisc.edu/buckyref )

  4. Who will be the KB site administrator(s)?
    1. Admin first and last name(s)
    2. Admin email address(s) (Or, you can include a group list or wisclist here)
    3. Admin netid(s)

    Upon site creation, new KB admin(s) will be added to the kb-admins@lists.wisc.edu. This list receives a few emails a month notifying administrators about monthly KB Meeting minutes and changes to the KnowledgeBase.

    The KB site admin will also be invited to the monthly KB advisory meetings (last Friday of every month at 11am). For more information on KB Site Admin responsibilities see: KB User's Guide - KB Site Administrator Responsibilities

  5. KB Training
  6. There are two separate training sessions.

  1. Which training you will require?
  2. What are three dates and times of availability?

These training sessions can be combined or separate. Ideally, at least one of the dates and times you provide will be a good fit for our staff.

For your reference, here is the link to the KB User's Guide https://kb.wisc.edu/kbGuide

We will create both an internal KB site (NetID required to access) and an external KB site (available to anyone). Let us know if you don't need both sites.