KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Template Creation via a New Document Set to "Template" Type

The Template feature allows authors to make one, or multiple documents, all having a uniform appearance. A well pre-formatted template can prescribe very specific content, structure, formatting and prompt for minimal requirements. They provide reproducible consistency and continuity of style and are time-saving in that users personalize a standard, ready-made document.

Create a Template

Creating a document template is the same as creating a regular document except that the Type field is set to Template.

  1. In the KB Admin Tools, click on the Documents tab.
  2. Click on the New Doc link on the left navigation menu.
  3. Fill in standard, reusable text and prompts and format the content as desired in the following input fields:
    • Title
    • Keywords
    • SearchPriority
    • PageHeader
    • PageFooter
    • Summary
    • Body
    • InternalNote
    • MyGroupNote
    • MyGroupNote Position
    • SeeAlso
    • Up, Previous, Next
    • Type
    • Topics and Sub-topics
    • Audience
    • WriteAccess
    • ReadAccess
    • SiteAccess
    • CampusAccess
    • Relevance
    • Status
    • Activation (including future activation)
    • Expiration
    • Owner
    • FeedbackTo
    • MiscOptions: Blog, No reminder, No keyword suggestion, No comment, HTML only mode
    • JavaScript/CSS

    (Note: While you may be able to save template data in the Up, Previous and Next fields, that data is not intended to transfer over to a New Document.

  4. Set the Type field flag to "Template" (defaults to Document).
  5. Click the Save change button to assign the Template a DocID.

    The image below shows:
    LEFT: a new document whose fields are being filled and on its way to becoming a Template.
    RIGHT: After clicking on the Save Change or Submit button, this doc has been assigned a DocumentID.

  6. We recommend that you leave the Status set to In Progress, even if the template is in its final form. If it is set to Active and discoverable by users on the Live Site, it may be confusing.
  7. If you think you will need to access the template on the Live Site(s):

  8. There is no limit to the number of templates one group can have.
  9. Like a regular document, a template can be copied via the Save As... button and shared across multiple KB groups.

Apply Template to a New Document

When you click on the New Doc link in the Documents tab, you will be led to a screen called Creating a New Document.

If you have not created a Template yet, you will see "No templates defined or available" in the Template dropdown menu.


However, if you have created a template(s), you can access it by clicking on the down arrow next to the Template field dropdown menu. Choose the appropriate template.

While the screen still says Creating a New Document, the fields that were pre-formatted with data in the template you selected will automatically populate the fields of the New Document.

From here, we recommend that you click on the Save Change button or the Submit button to assign this New Document its own, unique Document ID number. Once the New Document is saved, using either method, the screen will now read, Editing Document XXXXXX. (e.g. the New Document will prominently display the Document ID number).

Continue to edit the document as per your KB Site's workflow.

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