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This style guide lists a set of standards for design and writing of KB documents. This document defines the standards and conventions used in KB User's Guide Documents. These guidelines are provided to ensure that all documents use the same style, format, and HTML standards. Consistency in documentation makes it easier for users to utilize the KnowledgeBase.

When creating, reviewing, or editing a document please follow these guidelines.


The title of your document should be clear and concise. It should fit the following format:

Product Name (Restrictions) - Descriptive Title


Title words are automatically included so there is no need for the author to include them.

Keywords should include:

You may also include:


The body contains in-depth information about a product, service or guides users through a series of detailed instructions or troubleshooting steps. The body section should use the following format guidelines:


This field is located under the expandable Show Additional Fields section found at the bottom of the document edit screen.

Instead of placing JavaScript or CSS in the body of the document, where, in time, it may be difficult to edit among your regular content, you can place it in its own distinct field.

Now, when the document is rendered, the content in the body is rendered first, followed by the any JavaScript or CSS content. This way the functionality of the JavaScript/or CSS is preserved without causing problems when editing.

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