KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - The "Save As..." Button

With the appropriate permissions, the Save As... button allows you to save an existing document as a NEW document, no matter the status of the original document. The Save As... button is located at the top of a document as well as underneath the Document Information Table.

The Save As... button

Clicking on the Save As... button in a document saves that document as a new document with its own, distinct document ID number.

The following fields will be found in the new document after clicking Save As....

How to Save an Existing document as a New Document via the Save As... Button

  1. Log in to the KB Admin Tools.
  2. Go to the Documents tab.
  3. Identify the document you wish to make into a NEW document by entering the document ID number one of the two search fields .
  4. enter_doc_ID.png

  5. ...or you may click on one of the document Status links that will lead you to a list of documents
  6. status.png

  7. Locate the document you wish to Save As... a new document and click on the Title.
  8. The document will open in a read-only mode, click on the Save As... button either above the body of the document, or under the Document Information Table.
  9. You will receive a message asking if you are sure you want to save as a new document, click the OK button,
  10. message_save_as.png

  11. You will see a message stating the document you selected was saved as a new document. From here, you may view or edit the new document.
  12. Savedasanewdoc_view_edit.png

  13. Please know that this document will hold the status of In Progess. It will not be viewable on your Live Site until it is changed to the status of Active.

Location of the Save As... button by Status

After logging in to the KB Admin Tools, click on the Documents tab. Determine the Status of the document you wish to Save As... a new document.


In Progress

In Review