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You must have full administrative permissions in your space to perform these steps.

The Content Module part of the Live Site appears in the center column(s) of your site. Delivered and Custom Content Modules allow you to display content your users need to see. You may also create Custom Modules to accomplish a variety of things on your Internal /or External KB page. There is no limit to the number of Custom Modules you can create. This document will show you how to modify delivered Content Modules and show you the basics of how to create a Custom Module. We will also refer to different kinds of Custom Content Modules.

Content Modules

There are three Content Modules that come ready for use (e.g. "delivered"):

  1. News and Announcements - Displays news content.
  2. Top Documents of the Week - Displays documents that have been most recently viewed.
  3. Most Recently Updated Docs - Displays documents most recently edited and set to the status of Active.

The image below shows the three delivered Content Modules and their subsequent fields in the KB Admin Tools.  Content Modules display document and news item links on the Live site(s). The Limit field has a dropdown menu which allows you to display a list of 5 items and 50 items.

 3 delivered content modules

Below are the descriptions to the Content Module Attributes:

The image below shows two Content Modules, a custom content module, "Welcome", and a delivered content module, "News and Announcements".

example of a delivered content module on a live site


Edit an Existing Content Module

Update the name of a delivered Content Module by:

navigating to the SitePref tab > Content Modules link > Content Modules screen.

Put your cursor in the Module name field and update it to something more relevant to your users. In the image below, a red arrow is pointing to the editable Module name field. Enter text that is more specific to your purposes, for example: "Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences News", or, "2022 Conference Updates".

The image below shows the delivered News and Announcements content module with a red arrow pointing to the Editable Module name field.

News and Announcements delivered content module

Be sure to click on the Update button on the bottom of the screen to save your work.


Create a Custom Content Module

You may create your own Custom Content Module.

Use Cases:

Prepare the Content

  1. Create a document that has all the information you would like to display in the Custom Content Module. This document can have styled text, images, resource links, tables, collapsing and expanding panels, Google Calendars..anything you can see on any other KB document. While a document has four required fields, only the Body field of this document will display in the Custom Content Module.
  2. Set the Priority field of this document to Exclude from search. This will prevent users on the Live site from accidentally "discovering it" (via search keyword search) among your documents / prevent potential confusion.
  3. The SiteAccess document setting must be set to the appropriate KB Site, Internal and/ or External. If you set the document to only the Internal site, the Custom Content Module will not display at all on your External Live site, even if you click on the External check box Custom Content Module attribute.
  4. Set the document status to Active and write down the document ID number for future reference.

Create the Module

  1. Navigate to SitePref > Content Modules.

    The image below shoes the Content Modules screen. The Add a custom content module option appears at the top of the screen.

    create your own custom content module using this series of fields

  2. Enter a Module name, determine which live site to display your Custom Content Module and the order it will appear among your other content modules. Enter the document ID referenced above in the previous section in the DocID(s)/ URL field.
  3. Click on the Add button on the far right of the Add a custom content module section.

Custom Modules on the Live Site

Example: The image below, shows a Custom Content Module and a default Content Module:

an example of live site sontent modules

Display Custom List of Documents

You may display a specific list of documents in the order of your choosing. In the Doc ID(s)/URL field, place a comma delimited list of the documents your would like displayed. In the image below, you will see three comma delimited document IDs for the Custom Module called, "Meteor Data".

Example image of a custom content module

Content Modules: Expand and/or Collapse 

After creating Content Modules that best suit your KB site, you will see a upward pointing arrow/ chevron in the right corner. This arrow indicates that the Content Module is collapsible and then expandable. The KB will remember what you choose to collapse/expand and remember the next time you visit your Live site.

 The image below shows the arrow/ chevron circled in red.




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