KB User's Guide - Assessment Tab - Dropbox

KB Admins can create a Dropbox for their users (e.g. trainees, students, etc.) to access or leave documents in a precise time window of the Admin's choosing.

    Dropbox Settings

    From the KB Admin Tools, go to the Assessment tab > Dropbox Settings link.

    This will lead to the Dropbox Settings screen. This screen presents a simple table for you to complete.

    Dropbox in the Live Site

    To access the Dropbox in the Live Internal site, enter the url in your browser: https://kb.wisc.edu/YOURGROUPDSITENAME/internal/dropbox.php.

    In the image below, the groupname is kbGuide. The Dropbox is open for a limited time. Click on the Choose Files button to select the files your want to upload into the Dropbox. The Upload progress bar will let you know when the Upload is complete.


    After uploading files, the number of files you have updated appears next to the Choose Files button. The file names that were uploaded into the Dropbox appear under the Upload button. In the image below, the 5 files that were loaded are circled in red.


    Dropbox Files

    From the KB Admin Tools, go to the Assessment tab > Dropbox Files link. You may search and view the files in the Dropbox. Please be mindful of the start and end date. Your files may be there, but may not fall in the range of the defaulted start and end date. Adjust the dates appropriately.


    Search for specific files in your drop box using these search fields:

    In the image below, a user has been selected and the start date and time has been adjusted from the defaulted date range. Note that the table below offers information such as File Size, File Path, UserIP address and the Uploaded date and time stamp. You may Download the file or Delete it.


    Dropbox Folder

    From the KB Admin Tools, go to the Assessment tab > Dropbox Folder link.

    This feature allows you to select the file(s) you wish to submit to the Dropbox. Please refer to the Image Uploading details here.

    In the image below, the Assessment tab has been clicked on leading us to the Quiz/ Survey Module screen. In the left navigation bar, click on the Dropbox Folder link.


    Clicking on the Dropbox Folder link leads a pop up screen called Dropbox Folder.


    From this window, you may click on the Choose Files button to upload files. You can also manage the files be deleting some or all.You may also check on the boxes next to the files and Zip the selected for downloading.