KB User's Guide - Home Tab - My Profile

The My Profile screen allows you to change personal information in your user profile. From this page, you can also adjust how you interact with the KB by adjusting your default KB group, default tab and the editor mode selection that best suits your needs.

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Accessing Your Profile

You can access your profile page in the KB Admin Tools by going to the Home tab and selecting the My Profile link in the left navigation bar.

Image of the "My Profile" link in the KB Admin Tools secondary navigation

This will open the My Profile page, where you will be able to access your current default settings, account information, and preferences.

Image of the My Profile page

User Defaults

Account Information

Editor Mode

For groups with multiple editors enabled, you may choose which editor is set as your default. Please note that the TinyMCE editor will eventually replace the original Classic and Froala editors.


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