KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - The Batch Update Tool

This document will show KB Admins how to efficiently update documents. The Batch Update Tool options include all fields in the document editor.

Selecting the Exact Documents To Update

  1. To navigate to the Batch Update tool in the KB Admin Tools, just click on the Documents Tab and click on the Batch Update link in the left navigation bar.
  2. This will lead you to the Batch Update screen. The image below shows the screen and the filters available, should you want to refine your document search.
  3. If you already know the document ID number(s) you would like to update, enter them in the Comma delimited doc ids field. In the image above, the red circle brings attention to three docIDs from the KB User's Guide KB.
  4. Note: You may refine your search to obtain a specific set of documents and their comma delimited Document IDs.

  5. Click on the Go button.
  6. After clicking on the Go button, the documents to which you have access will appear with check boxes next to them in the Select column in the far right. You may select them individually or select them all at once by clicking on the Select All button.
  7. At any time, you may click on the triangle on the left of the Document Title to see the to see the Document Quickview (e.g. the entire content of the document) without leaving the Batch Update screen.

    In the image below, you will see 3 document ids in the Comma delimited doc id field. After clicking the Go button, all 3 documents are presented in a table below the search. The image below shows a circle around a downward pointing triangle which is displaying a read-only view of the document. Document Quickview (e.g. the entire content of the document) without leaving the Batch Update screen.

  8. Under that table of documents, a table called Batch Update Options will appear. Select the appropriate selections from the dropdown menus in this table.

Determine Which Document Versions to Update

Choose documents versions of Draft and Active or documents versions that are only Drafts. A rubric is provided below to guide you through updating documents in holding a specific status.

Determine the Exact Fields to Update

Upon your selection, a text box with field-specific instructions will appear next to the field you have chosen to update. By not selecting any of the options from the dropdown menu, that field will remain unchanged.

Check Your Work and Submit

Once you have made your selection(s), we strongly encourage you to check the:

Once you are certain all your selections are accurate, click on the Submit button.


Batch Update Greater than 100 Documents

On a final note, documents will be updated 100 at a time.

For example, if you choose to update 398 documents at once, 100 documents will be updated at one time, then the next set of 100, then the next set of 100 and then the remaining documents until all your updates are made.

Only 100 documents are updated at a time to manage the load on our servers.

Please contact us at kb-team@lists.wisc.edu if you have any questions or need clarification on the Batch Update Tool.