Canvas - Getting Started with Canvas New Analytics feature [UW-Madison]

Note: Students are unique individuals and are more complex than their data - be sure to consider them holistically. Please review UW-Madison Learning Analytics Guiding Principles before continuing in this document.

This document describes the Canvas New Analytics feature and provides links to additional resources about learning analytics.

What is New Analytics?

  • A learning analytics tool that allows you to filter and compare sections and individuals to class averages
    • Available for all grade-based Canvas activities such as Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions.
  • Uses graphs and charts to visually compare students and sections to class averages for:
    • all graded material in the course.
    • information about missing and late assignments
  • Allows instructors to email multiple students within specific defined parameters (such as missing an assignment)

How should I use New Analytics?

Like all Learning Analytics tools, New Analytics can give instructors insight into their course and allow them to ask and answer certain questions.

  • For example, comparing different sections to the course average on an assignment can reveal differences at the section level.
    • Noting one section is doing significantly better or worse than other sections on a specific type of assignment could prompt an instructor to address disparities.
    • Comparing individual students to course or section averages also allows instructors to quickly see if a student might be struggling with certain concepts or assignments, prompting the instructor to seek more feedback or even follow up with the student. 

It is important to note that while New Analytics can reveal certain patterns and comparisons, it does not and cannot provide an explanation for those patterns and comparisons.

  • Instructors should never use a single data point from a Learning Analytics tool to take any major action in regards to a student or course. 
  • Learning Analytics tools, like New Analytics, are simply meant to help provide instructors with additional information and a way to visualize it.
  • Data from Learning Analytics tools can be one factor that helps guide instructor decisions and actions but should never solely dictate them.

Where can I get more information about New Analytics?

To get more information, please refer to Canvas Community: New Analytics.

How do I activate New Analytics in my course?

  1. Enter your course, and select Settings.

  2. Select the Feature Options tab.
    Feature Options

  3. Find the option labeled New Course and Student Analytics and toggle the button to the on (green) position.
    Feature option toggle on

How do I add New Analytics to the navigation bar in my course?

  1. To add New Analytics, go to your course and click on Settings in the navigation bar.
  2. Under Settings, select the Navigation tab.
    Settings Navigation
  3. Find New Analytics by scrolling to the bottom of the page.  Click on the three dots next to New Analytics and then click Enable. Finally, make sure you click Save at the bottom of the screen.
    Enable New Analytics
  4. New Analytics will now appear in your navigation bar. (Note: Though it is in your navigation bar, New Analytics will not be visible to students.)
    Nav Bar with Analytics

Does Canvas offer other analytics tools?

In addition to the more robust New Analytics tool, Canvas offers built-in course analytics, visible from your course page. 

This Instructure guide describes what information is available under Course Analytics, and how to access the page.

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