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AOF Nomination Form for L&S Departments, 2022-23

This form contains the link and instructions for the 2022-23 AOF nomination form.

From: DeVon Wilson, L&S Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

To:  L&S Department Chairs and Directors 

Re: 2022-23 Advanced Opportunity Fellowship Allocations 

Date: December 29, 2021 

The College of Letters and Science highly values having an academic community which is diverse along a number of dimensions. The Advanced Opportunity Fellowship (AOF) represents an important part of the college’s commitment to creating a supportive and welcoming environment for underrepresented minority and first-generation graduate students. We are now soliciting nominations for new AOF students and updating records for continuing students. 

Actions Requested 

  • Update information for continuing AOF Students: Return the updated spreadsheet for continuing students to DeVon Wilson at by Feb 5, 2022.  You will receive this spreadsheet very soon.  
  • Request Fall 2022 continuing AOF support: (if any) for dissertators (or second year students in professional master’s programs) by February 11, 2022. Requests are to be sent to DeVon Wilson ( 
  • Nominate new students: Fill out the survey ( with new departmental AOF nominations by January 28, 2022. If you are not intending to nominate a student or need an extension, please email DeVon Wilson ( as soon as possible.  We will respond with our approval by February 18, 2022. 
  • Update the list of new students: When new students accept your offers, please email DeVon Wilson ( with the update and whether or not they wish to have housing priority. 
  • Finalize incoming class: April 15, 2022 is the national decision day for graduate students.  Please send the update list of students as soon as the offer is accepted, but we will need to finalize our incoming class by April 30, 2022. 

Continuing AOF Students 

You will shortly receive a spreadsheet listing our latest records for AOF students in your department. Please update the information according to the instructions contained in the spreadsheet and return it to us by Feb 5, 2022This updated survey must be returned before new nominations are processed. 

  • Continuing students are eligible for their second year AOF in 2022-2023 if they will either
    • Achieve dissertator status in a PhD program by September 7, 2022 or 
    • will be entering their second year in a professional Master’s program in Fall 2022. 

Recruiting New Graduate Students 

  • Remember, nomination requests without an updated spreadsheet of continuing AOF students will not be processed. 
  • You may submit multiple nominees with preferred ranking.   
  • After L&S review, each department will get approval for their ranked list, however the department is only authorized to make an offer to one student for the Advanced Opportunity Fellowship at a time.     
    • If the offer is not accepted, the department may make an offer to the next nominee on their approved list. If you exhaust the approved list and none of the offers were accepted, please let us know right away. We may be able to allocate the unused funds to another department.
    • Departments may use their own funds to match AOF terms to recruit graduate students.  This will allow them to make multiple offers.     
  • L&S C-GRS will guarantee at least one year of incoming support for one qualified new graduate student per department/Program.
    • Students in non-terminal Master’s programs are eligible for one year of AOF funding. 
  • Departments are required to guarantee: 
    • One year of departmental support to each MA/MS student in addition to the year of AOF support.
    • Three years of departmental support to PhD students in addition to the two years of AOF support.  
  • AOF nominations without the name of the prospective student’s faculty mentor or advisor will not be processed. 
    • This mentor may or may not be the student’s academic advisor, but will be tasked with tracking the student’s progress, particularly in their first year on campus, and will be the point of contact at regular intervals during the student’s course of graduate study. 
  • As in the past, we will enforce the policy that the AOF must be part of a graduate student support package (the number of years guaranteed should be aligned with the department’s established practice).  The anticipated means of support (TA, PA, RA, etc.) must be indicated on the nomination form.  
  • Students accepting an AOF offer are required to participate in L&S Community of Graduate Research Scholars (L&S C-GRS) program. 

2022-2023 L&S C-GRS incoming and continuing fellowship rates  

  • $23,727:  Academic Year (9 month) appointment (Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities) 
  • $29,000: Annual Year (12 month) appointment (Natural, Physical & Mathematical Sciences and Computer, Data & Information Sciences) 

We greatly appreciate your assistance with the L&S AOF/CGRS program!  

  • If you need assistance with the survey and spreadsheet, please contact DeVon Wilson ( 
  • Questions about allocations and other matters may be directed to DeVon Wilson (


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