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L&S Policy on Lecturer Appointments

This document contains L&S policies on lecturer appointments.

Policy Date: 5/16/06, revised 10/31/06, updated 10/8/14 


Employees hired as academic staff lecturers must meet the minimum qualifications for instructional academic staff. Please see the UAPC Policy on Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Staff.

Lecturers are hired at one of three prefix levels: Associate, no prefix, or Senior. Employees will be evaluated for the appropriate prefix at the time of hire. Employees with fixed-term terminal appointments will be reevaluated with each offer. Fixed-term renewable employees must be reviewed for possible promotion once they pass the appropriate experience threshold. Fixed-term renewable employees must also meet UW-Madison's prefix definition in order to be promoted.

Please note that currently enrolled graduate students (either in graduate school or in a professional program) must be hired with the Lecturer (SA) title and will be paid at the rate set for that title. See Lecturer (SA) appointments in L&S: Selection, Hiring & Supervision for more information.
Please note that tenured or tenure-track faculty members from other institutions may not be hired as lecturers at UW-Madison; departments seeking to hire a member of the faculty of another institution should request to do so under a visiting faculty title at an appropriate percentage and rate.

Definition of “Experience”

  • Experience must be gained as a lecturer or equivalent or higher.
  • Experience as a TA does not count toward the eight semesters.
  • Experience gained as a lecturer outside UW-Madison will be counted towards the experience requirement.
  • Experience need not be gained in consecutive semesters. 
  • Appointments in Summer Term of at least 75% of 1/9 will count as one semester of teaching experience (although teaching in Summer Term does not count toward fixed-term renewable status).

Associate Lecturer

Employees with eight or fewer semesters of experience will be hired as Associate Lecturers.  Associate Lecturers with fixed-term renewable status must be reviewed for possible promotion to Lecturer once they’ve completed eight semesters of teaching.  Fixed-term renewable Associate Lecturers must also meet UW-Madison's prefix definition for the Lecturer title in order to be promoted.


Employees will be hired as Lecturers if they have completed more than eight and fewer than twenty semesters of teaching.  Lecturers with fixed-term renewable status must be reviewed for possible promotion to Senior Lecturer once they’ve completed twenty semesters of teaching.  Fixed-term renewable Lecturers must also meet UW-Madison's prefix definition for Senior Lecturer in order to be promoted.

Senior Lecturer

Employees who have completed twenty semesters of teaching will be hired as Senior Lecturers.  


Employees hired as Associate Lecturers, Lecturers, or Senior Lecturers will be paid at the standard L&S minimum rate for their title.


Employees who attain fixed-term renewable status will be added to their unit’s Academic Staff instructional budget line.  The unit’s short-term staffing 101 budget will be changed to reflect the change in status.  Employees who attain fixed-term renewable status will be included in future salary exercises for Academic Staff.

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