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L&S Short-Term Staff Appointment Letters

This KB provides important information about appointment letters for short-term instructional staff (STS) at the College of Letters and Science, with links to frequently used documents and policies. Direct questions regarding policies and procedures to your STS/SA HR Business Partner.


A best practice is to download and use a new template appointment letter from the links below with each hire or group of hires, since appointment letters are revised periodically throughout the year.  At a minimum, departments should download new template appointment letters prior to each semester’s hiring. 
You may find the following documents helpful when drafting an STS appointment letter:
Select the appropriate template below to create a draft appointment letter.  Email the draft to your STS/SA HR Business Partner for review and approval, along with a copy of the instructor's CV and any other related items such as:
  • Overload Approval in Overload Approval System
    • Required if the employee will work more than 100% FTE across all UW System appointments  
  • Dual-Role Waiver approval 
    • Required for academic staff who are appointed temporarily into a concurrent role that is different from their primary role, e.g., an academic staff member whose primary role is research or outreach and who is hired temporarily into a concurrent instructional role.  
    • See “Waivers: Tenure Clock Extensions, Leaves of Absence, Conversions, Dual Roles and Track Changes” for required documentation and additional background 
    • Submit your dual-role waiver request to Laura Fisk,   
  • Rehired Annuitant Request form
  • Adjunct Faculty approval


All STS appointment letters require these attachments:
  • Letter of Offer Attachment: Download current version from OHR's Recruitment Toolkit, under "Applicant Communications and Offer Letter Templates" header.

Appointment Letter Templates

Academic Staff STS

  • Academic Staff STS: revised 05/22/2024 (This letter template can be used year-round; there is not a separate 'summer letter')
  • Used for most short-term instructional academic staff hires, including lecturers, teaching faculty (formerly called faculty associate), teaching specialist (formerly called faculty assistants), adjunct faculty and visiting faculty.


Rehired Annuitant STS

  • Rehired Annuitant STS: revised 5/22/24
  • Used for hires who retired on or after July 2, 2013 and are receiving a WRS annuity.

Zero Dollar Instructional

Instructional Temporary Increase 

Information for Appointment Letters

Semester Instructional Dates & Calendars

Fall 2023
 Payroll start:   August 21, 2023 
 Payroll end:  January 03, 2024
 Courses begin:  September 06, 2023
 Exams end:  December 21, 2023

Spring 2024
 Payroll start:   January 04, 2024
 Payroll end:   May 19, 2024
 Courses begin:   January 23, 2024
 Exams end:   May 10, 2024
For summer sessions appointments, please reference the dates on your department's "Expense Details" report in Box.

Academic Calendars

Payroll Calendars

Calculating Gross Salary & Biweekly Salary

Most short-term instructors are paid based on a 9-month, C-Basis rate (see L&S Standard Rates for Short-term Staff and Student Assistants).
Use the “Funding Layout Assistance Tool” (FLOAT), available on the OHR Payroll Toolkit, to calculate the semester gross and biweekly salaries.  
Alternatively, calculate the biweekly salary manually using the following formula:
C-basis comp rate divided by 19.5 (the number of biweekly pay periods in an academic year) multiplied by the appointment FTE.
Example: 33.4% Lecturer (SA) with a C-basis comp rate of $45,000:
($ 45,000 / 19.5)  * 0.334  =  $ 770.77

Policies & Links

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