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Counting Non-Major Courses in an L&S major

This section addresses how courses outside the major may be included in the major when deemed appropriate by the major department.
Courses outside the major may be included in the major through DARS exception when, in the department's judgment, the course is appropriate for inclusion in the major.  This information is communicated to L&S Student Academic Affairs by DARS exception (DARS-X).  Requests will be reviewed for appropriateness.  If approved, the request will be forwarded for processing.

1. Courses taken in residence outside the major when included in the major will automatically count: 
a. toward the total credits in the major;
b. in the calculation of the major GPA;
c. toward upper level coursework taken in residence if requested by the department and the course is designated as an intermediate/advanced level course;
d. in the calculation of the upper level GPA in the major if the course is designated as an upper level course;
e. as the 15 on-campus residence credits in the major if the course is taken on campus and the department requests that the course count toward this requirement.

2. Transfer credits are generally given equivalencies in a major department by Credit Evaluation Services. A department or major program may decide how a transfer courses will count in the major. If a transfer course falls outside the major department, then a department may decide to include it in the major. In these situations, transfer course credits will be included in the major but cannot be counted toward the college's requirements for qualify of work or residency.

For general questions, feel free to reach out L&S Student Academic Affairs 
Phone: (608) 262-0617

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