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C-basisSalary rate computed on a nine-month, academic year, basis.

CASICommittee on Academic Staff Issues; these committees have been established in each school and college to advise Deans on policies and procedures, promotional opportunities, participation in department governance, and performance recognition for academic staff.

CCASCross College Advising Service.  Campus advising service for freshmen and sophomores; administered through L&S for the campus.  See:

Chapter 36Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 36, established the University of Wisconsin System, of which UW-Madison is the flagship institution.

COIConflict of Interest  UW-Madison faculty and staff may participate in activities with external entities which may generate conflicts between the needs of the institution and the outside entity.  These conflicts are common, frequently avoidable and can often be appropriately managed.  UW-Madison collects reports of these potential conflicts in the form of OARs.

College Portrait

Prepared by Academic Planning and Institutional Research, the College Portrait contained a standard set of information about the university published as part of the university's participation in the Voluntary System of Accountability. The VSA initiative involves 4-year public colleges and universities belonging to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the Association of Public And Land-Grant Universities. The VSA is designed to help institutions demonstrate accountability and stewardship to their publics; measure educational outcomes to identify effective educational practices; and assemble information that is accessible, understandable, and comparable.  The College Portrait has been superseded by the Student Achievement Measure, which is intended to improve upon the College Portrait by tracking students across institutions.  See UW-Madison's Student Achievement Measure.

Comm ACommunication A, one of two communication requirements that are part of the university-wide undergraduate General Education Requirements.  See also: 

Comm BCommunication B, one of two communication requirements that are part of the university-wide undergraduate General Education Requirements.  See also: 

Consensual RelationshipsThe College of Letters & Science abides by faculty legislation and university policy governing consensual relationhips, which is founded on Faculty Legislation

Credit HoursFederal guidelines adopted in July 2011 require that a credit hour must reasonably approximate the learning outcomes achieved in not less than one hour of direct faculty instructional contact with two hours of out-of-class work, per week, for each week of a fifteen week term.  Institutions may establish equivalencies that approximate this standard to allow for distance learning and other learning activities (such as laboratories, practica, internships, etc).  UW-Madison's Divisional Executive Committees have established credit hour policies that conform with these well-established conventions,

Thus, "credit hours" are a mechanism that can be used to measure the amount of instruction delivered each academic term, since it measures the number of hours of direct instructional contact for a given course, when multiplied by the number of students enrolled in that course during the term under consideration.