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DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System)
DARS is used to track student progress toward, and completion of, an undergraduate degree, major and/or certificate program.  It is also used to store exceptions to those requirements submitted by and on behalf of L&S faculty.  In addition, DARS is used analytically to ascertain how students complete curricular requirements, how many exceptions are approved, what courses are accepted and most-taken by students, and what academic requirements present barriers to student success.

The L&S DARS is coded under the supervision of Academic Information Management (AIM) in L&S Student Academic Affairs, to audit the minimum requirements of all L&S degrees, majors and certificates.  DARS does this by applying student information (courses, grades, program declarations, credits, high school units, etc) toward the coded program requirements for that student.  Thus, separate DARS are created for each L&S degree, major and certificate and students must be declared in those programs to receive an official DARS.

DARS is Document of Record for all L&S programs.1  When a student applies for their bachelor's degree from L&S, a DARS is produced to confirm that student has completed all academic requirements of their degree, additional major, and/or certificate program.  If a student is comforted eligible, his/her degree is cleared and posted, and that DARS is saved as Document of Record.

It is important to note that DARS is widely used by students and advisors -- over 500,000 DARS audits are run annually, most by students.  To facilitate student selection of a degree, major or certificate, DARS is available as a "What If" tool.  This allows students to see how their academic record would apply to an L&S program they are interested in, but for which they are not declared.

Questions about DARS can be directed to the L&S Academic Information Management office (AIM).  

1 L&S Music degrees are currently in development, and are not yet Document of Record status.

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