Lecturer (SA) appointments in L&S: Supervision, Support, Evaluation

This document provides guidance to departments on how to effectively supervise and support graduate assistants with the title Lecturer (SA), sometimes called LSAs.

LSAs are graduate students who will teach a course in place of faculty or instructional academic staff. They are hired with the title “Lecturer (SA),” which indicates that they are in a student-assistant category. For policies related to hiring LSAs, please refer to the KB: Lecturer (SA) appointments in L&S.

For many LSAs, the position is an important opportunity to gain and sharpen skills of independent teaching on the way to a career in academia. It is essential that departments set clear expectations and provide comprehensive and organized support and guidance to their LSAs; such guidance helpss LSAs stay on track in all their commitments and helps to ensure a quality learning experience for enrolled students.

This document outlines a number of recommendations and best practices for supervising and supporting LSAs. We recommend that departments develop and make widely known their own detailed policies for the hiring, supervision, and evaluation of LSAs.

LSA Expectations

Typically, LSAs are expected to:

Supervision and Guidance of LSAs

Instructional Guidance and Course Material

It is helpful to make access to course materials and instructional guidance as comprehensive, organized, direct and clear as possible. In doing so, the department can guide and support the graduate students, so they spend time and effort efficiently and strategically. Supervisors should provide:

LSAs Supervising TAs

LSAs are, at times, tasked with the supervision of TAs in their classes. This arrangement makes close departmental supervision even more critical. Expectations should be clearly communicated to both the LSA and TAs.

The following are recommended best practices to support LSAs in this role:

Contact for L&S

Lynne Prost, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Academic Affairs