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L&S Gift Management: How to transfer UW Foundation funds to a 233 Project

Learn the forms and processes to transfer funds from the UW Foundation to 233 projects at UW-Madison.

In order to use funds from the UW Foundation, they need to be transferred from UW Foundation to UW-Madison and spent from a 233 project. Funds transferred from the Foundation can only be deposited into 233 projects and cannot go into any other fund types. When determining Foundation fund balances, it is important to look at both the fund balances at the Foundation AND the balance in the corresponding 233 project(s) to get the true balance that includes encumbrances and commitments. Additionally, moving money from the Foundation to a 233 project is a one way trip and cannot be returned to the Foundation once it has been transferred to a Campus 233 project.  

The best practice is to transfer funds prior to incurring the expense as to avoid overdrawing the 233 account. If that is not possible, overdrafts should be cleared quarterly.

Any question can be directed to Jana Valeo or Mary Machaj.

How to Transfer funds from UW Foundation to 233 Project

  • Use the UWF Disbursement Request and Gift Check Routing Form to make the transfer.
  • The Disbursement Request Form is the document that UW Foundation uses to initiate the electronic transfer from UW Foundation to UW-Madison. It tells them which fund to use and the amount of the transfer. The Disbursement Request form was previously known as the Check/ACH Request Form so any reference to the Check/ACH Request can now be inferred to mean the Disbursement Request. 
  • The Gift Check Routing Form is used by UW Gift Management and is used to identify which 233 project the funds from the UW Foundation should be deposited into.
  • Both forms need to be submitted together as one PDF to the L&S Budget Office. The L&S Budget Office will review, sign, and submit to UW Foundation.
  • If you need a new 233 project set up, enter "NEW233" when completing the disbursement request and use option 2 when creating the gift routing form indicating a new 233 project is needed. The L&S Budget Office will set up the new account when the forms are received and notify you of the new account number. 
  • It's up to you to create a new 233 project or deposit the money into an existing 233 project. These projects are set up for the department's convenience, so do whatever makes it easiest for you to track the funding.
  • Remember, transferring funds from the Foundation to a 233 project is one way trip and once moved to UW-Madison, they cannot return to the UW Foundation.

Disbursement Request Instructions (formerly known as a Check Request)

  • You will need access to the Gift and Fund Management website on the UW Foundation Advancement Hub.
  • If you do not have a Login, request access here.

Submitting a Disbursement Request and Gift Routing Form to L&S For Processing: 

  • Complete the forms online, print to a PDF, and obtain department signatures (electronic signatures are acceptable).
  • Email one PDF that includes the completed disbursement request and gift routing forms to, and Mary Machaj  will review and approve for processing and submit to UW Foundation.  
  • In the email subject line please include Department name, the 233 project, and the disbursement request number. 
  • It normally takes 2-3 weeks for the transfer to post to the 233 account.

Tips for filling out the UW Foundation Disbursement Request for transfer to 233 Project:

  • If you want to transfer one UW Foundation fund to multiple 233 projects, you must complete a separate disbursement request and gift routing form for each 233 project. 
  • If you are transferring from multiple UW Foundation funds to one 233 project, one disbursement request and gift routing form may be completed. 
  • Purpose of Expenditure: Add any additional info that will help you keep track of the purpose.  No justification is required for these transfers, they are up to the discretion of the department.
  • Signatures: your Chair/Associate Chair/Director) will sign on the top line of the "University of Wisconsin Approvals."  The second line is for the L&S divisional level approval signature (i.e. Mary or Jana).

Tips for filling out the Gift Check Routing Form:

  • Use yourself as the contact, click on the  "Add/Change" button, do a search for your last name.
  • For these transfers from UWF, always fill in "UWF" as donor, not the name of the UWF fund or some other name.
  • Check number and date will default to "TBD" once you have completed the contact information, fill in UWF as the donor, and completed "Option 1 (existing account) or Option 2 (new account) at the bottom of the form. 

If giving or receiving funds from another L&S department or UW Division outside L&S:

  • The division/department with the UW Foundation fund prepares and signs the UW Foundation Disbursement Form.
  • The department that manages the  233 project prepares and signs the Gift Check Routing Form.
  • Send both of the forms together to the L&S Budget Office for processing: send PDFs to to, AND

If L&S Admin UW Foundation funds are the funding source:

  • Examples: Vilas Distinguished Awards, Hamel faculty fellowships, Halls visiting fellowships, Associate Dean funding, etc.
  • Send a signed Gift Check Routing Form to Mary Machaj; Mary or Jana will prepare the Foundation check request to match when your gift check routing form arrives.

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