Transferring Funds from UW Foundation to 233- Projects

Overview of transferring funds from UW Foundation Accounts to 233- projects using the UW Foundation Check Request form and the Gift Check Routing form.

As a part of routine gift project management and to cover new costs you know are going to post, you may need to move money from a UW Foundation account to a 233- project in the UW Accounting system.  The chancellor has asked that we clear overdrafts on 233- projects quarterly, this is an update from the former practice of clearing overdrafts annually.  Please avoid overdrawing 233 accounts, campus is encouraging departments to discontinue the practice of overdrawing 233 accounts.  

***Temporary Process Guideline as of March 16, 2020 (COVID-19 Pandemic) ***

To accommodate working remotely, we are accepting electronic signature and/or email confirmation in lieu of ink signatures. The same documentation is still needed, however.

How to transfer money from UW Foundation to a UW Madison 233- project:

If there is more than one department involved in the transfer:
If L&S Admin UW Foundation funds are the funding source:

Tips for filling out the UW Foundation Check Request for transfer to 233-

Tips for filling out the Gift Check Routing Form to accept a transfer of UWF money:



UW FOUNDATION CHECK REQUEST (login, click on Fund Management in red navigation bar, select "Check/ACH Request" from the pull down menu)


Gift Deposit Routing Form (Select Gift Routing form in "Routing and Approvals section of page, on next window select "Check Routing Form - Create New Entry")

UW FOUNDATION GIFT DEPOSIT FORM (login, click on Fund Management in red navigation bar, select "Gifts and Special Deposits" from the pull down menu)
Knowledge base document on Gift Deposits

UW FOUNDATION: 1848 University Avenue, 263-4545
UW Foundation Management System
ACCOUNTING SERVICES: 21 N. Park St. Suite 6101, 262-1214  Gifts:
RSP: 21 N. Park St. Suite 6401, 262-3822   Gifts:

L&S: Ben Ball 201D South Hall, 265-1170, or Mary Machaj,263-2316,

Please send forms to Mary Machaj, 408 South Hall 

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